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A Little History

In November of 1994, Donald and Mary Jane Schlichter opened the largest solid wood furniture retail store in the entire St. Louis Region. It is known as Mary Jane's Solid Oak Furniture.

Donald and Mary Jane were no strangers to serving customers with the highest quality service. For more than 20 years, Donald and Mary Jane operated a very successful construction business in Mascoutah, IL. But, the woodworker in Donald Schlichter took over.

Donald is a Master Carpenter/Craftsman and his true labor of love, expertise and talent would not be denied. Donald's love of beautiful, superbly crafted solid wood furniture has become the driving force at Mary Jane's Solid Oak Furniture. In fact, you will find that same passion with the entire Mary Jane's staff.

Why Shop at Mary Jane's

We've gained much experience and expertise since starting Mary Jane's Solid Oak Furniture. We've seen the solid wood furniture industry from just about every angle, but our goal is always the same. We will always look for and strive for the absolute highest quality. Our experience has shown us what quality is, and frankly, what isn't.

Because we also build items here on location, specifically dining room tables, we have a special understanding of how well-built furniture should be designed and constructed.

A Truly Sustainable Solid Wood Furniture Industry

Mary Jane's is proud to be a part of an industry that has contributed so much to our nation's wood resource management system.

One major example: there was a time, not that long ago, when millions of board feet of useable, beautiful mid-western hardwoods would just go to waste. But, since much of the most beautiful hard wood furniture you'll ever see actually comes from what is known as 'character cut' wood, hundreds of regional sawmills are now supported who primarily rescue and re-purpose hardwood from city yards, storm salvage and even some farmers selling timber on land they own. Much of it used to go unused!

Those regional sawmills employ thousands of forest industry workers in many rural communities throughout the mid-west. That's just one example of how the solid wood furniture industry contributes to the overall health of our nation's forests.

One thing is for sure. The stronger the forest industry, the stronger conservation efforts will be to sustain it. At Mary Jane's Solid oak Furniture, we are very aware of that and proud to support it!

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