10 Wood furniture designs

10 Wood furniture designs

Wooden furniture is timeless. Look around your house, chances are you have at least one piece of solid wood furniture. Maybe it is a side table that has been passed down from a family member or maybe it is the dining room table that you invested in as the centerpiece of your home. Whatever the case, wood furniture warms any home by bringing the earthy tones of nature into your everyday life. 

Wood furniture can easily fit with any decor. The contemporary look of a desk will mesh beautifully with a modern or farmhouse design. Here is a guide to identifying the different furniture designs that are available and how solid wood furniture can fit into each of these categories.

1. Contemporary Style

Clean lines, smooth surfaces and neutral tones are the mark of Contemporary style. As the name implies, the Contemporary style will ever change in order to stay current. This style is functional and with classic lines and a lack of adornment. Solid wood furniture is a perfect example of Contemporary styling.

2. Modern Style

The Modern style came about as a result of the Modernist Movement in the late 19th and early 20th century. In this styling, you will find the use of steel, leather, marble, glass mixed with solid wood. Modern furniture characteristics are classic forms, clean lines and solid colors. Furniture that is crafted in this style is highly functional and has minimal detail. 

3. Mid-Century Style

Between the 1930s to the 1960s, a new style in furniture began to emerge. The furniture utilizes the clean and simple lines of the Contemporary and Modern styles, while adding decorative accents and subtle curves. Stylistic features of the Mid-Century style are thin, tapered, splayed legs with the tones of medium and dark woods. 

4. Traditional Style 

Traditional style is a combination of styles that were used from the 18th and 19th centuries. This style takes cues from different eras in history from Queen Anne, Victorian and Colonial furniture. Traditional style furniture is ornate, carved woods in dark tones. The use of rich, luxurious textiles are used to create extravagant pieces of furniture. 

5. Transitional Style

Using both the modern and Traditional style, the Transitional style of furniture provides a classic, yet trendy design. Using straight lines, textiles and minimal embellishments with woods that are a neutral tone will complete this look.

6. Farmhouse Style

One of the most popular styles of late is the Farmhouse style. Although this style has been around since Colonial times, designers like JoAnna Gaines have caused a resurgence by using rustic Farmhouse and Industrial styling. By using distressed woods, cream and beige tones and floral motifs create warm and cozy settings that are a welcoming addition to any home. 

7. Industrial Style

Practical furniture designs that utilize metal, glass and reclaimed wood is the central concept of the Industrial style. Influenced by factories, warehouses and industrial spaces, this style became popular in the early 2000s and has blended well with the Farmhouse style to create a look that is inviting to all who enter your home. Key features of this styling is the use of leather, metal, black varnishes, exposed lighting and distressed woods. 

8. Mission Style

Mission style furniture is a very simple design. It is made up of 90 degree angles, rectangles, clean lines, with spindles. The style originated in the early 1900s as a result of the American design movement as a response to the ornate styling of the Victorian era. Mission style furniture is made from heavy woods that are sturdy and durable. It features flat panels, exposed joints and simple styling. A beautiful addition to any home. 

9. Victorian Style

During the reign of Queen Victoria from 1840 – 1901, a furniture style was born. With design features like luxurious fabrics, elaborate designs and ornate patterns, the Victorian style is nothing short of royalty. Furniture in this style are made from heavy woods that are rich in color. When combined with rich textiles, these pieces are absolutely stunning.

10. Art Deco Style

Out of the Roaring 20s came the Art Deco style. This style embraced both the industrialization and modernization movements. Streamlined with geometric shapes, the large-sized furniture has a streamlined design. The use of inlay materials like mother-of-pearl and different woods create beautiful and one-of-a-kind pieces. The opulent styling of this era has become popular once again as people look for pieces that create a dramatic style.

These are just a few of the many styles that are available when you are considering the perfect design for your home.