The Amish have made work place furniture as functional and comfortable as has ever existed. That’s not to mention what the warmth and beauty that solid wood furniture will add to your work space. The office furniture options are unlimited. From small desks to elaborate large desks, there is no better value in furniture.

Choose from computer desks, student and executive desks, roll tops, library desks, secretary desks, office amoire’s and more. Did you ever think of a file cabinet as beautiful? You will when it’s built from solid oak and other hard woods. 2, 3 and 4 drawer units are available in many styles and wood choices.

Offices that invest in solid oak and /or solid wood work place furniture continue to have an asset as long as they own it – unlike much of today’s throwaway office furniture. Solid wood is the ultimate recyclable!

Bring us your ideas and room dimensions. Let the Mary Jane staff help you find the perfect office furniture to completely satisfy your individual situation.