How do I make a modern living room look more traditional?

How do I make a modern living room look more traditional?

When choosing how to decorate a space or environment, there are a multitude of varying styles to choose from. Two primary choices for design are modern and traditional. The two have contrasting elements and styles, but they can be cohesively mingled if desired. Before you can delve into tips for incorporating traditional style within an already furnished modern space, you must understand the elements of a modern living room versus a traditional living room

Elements of a modern living room and traditional living room

A traditional living room creates an environment that is classic and timeless with a focus on comfort and grandiose design. The furniture tends to be heavier, more sturdy, created using high-quality materials, and built to last. The colors are usually warmer, and patterns can be incorporated throughout, though rarely do you see an abundance of bold patterns. Much of the furniture will be created using solid wood and will be hand-crafted displaying a significant amount of ornate details. The furniture and decor is elegant and sophisticated and is usually styled in a symmetrical manner; i.e. matching end tables and lamps. 

A modern living room on the other hand is quite different. The overall function and purpose of a modern living room is to create sleek, minimalistic designs and lines. The focus shifts from comfortable and monumental pieces to those which are functional and simplistic. The materials are quite different, usually incorporating contemporary mediums such as concrete, glass, and metal. The colors tend to be neutral to cool instead of warm and bold. The space is typically more open with a very limited amount of decor. 

Tips for making a modern living room look more traditional

Though the two designs can seem quite contrary to each other, it is possible to incorporate both with the use of a few helpful tips. One way to incorporate a more traditional design within a modern living room is to change the color scheme. Instead of bold, cool colors, you can opt for warm, yet neutral colors such as tans, light browns, or reds. This will allow you to maintain the modern vibe created by neutral colors, but incorporate traditional design with the warmer tones. 

Another tip for making a modern living room look more traditional is to use traditional furniture within. This can easily be accomplished by adding a few upholstered chairs, a wooden coffee table, or by bringing wooden bookshelves into the space. All of these are simplistic ways to mix traditional and modern styles. A third way you can bring more traditional style into your modern living room is by adding items that have a more traditional pattern such as floral or damask, or by adding more classic, elegant artwork within the space. A final tip for creating a traditional look within a modern living room is to add antique or antique inspired decor. For example you can incorporate a framed antique map or vintage clock into the decorations. 

Despite the clear differences in the two styles, you can easily create an environment that displays both traditional and modern elements without completely overhauling the space. Even small changes can have a significant impact on the environment and allow you to embrace both traditional and modern styles.