How to Identify Genuine Amish-Made Furniture

How to Identify Genuine Amish-Made Furniture

You walk into a friend’s home and see a beautiful rocking chair or dining room table. But do you ever really stop to think how it was made. In a day and age where so many furnishings are mass produced and quality takes a back seat, to see a handcrafted, solid wood piece of furniture will make you stop and appreciate the time and craft that went into the production of such a fine piece.

The Amish community have a few core values that are very apparent in their craftsmanship: simplicity, hard work and harmony with nature. The traditional methods of Amish furniture makers have been passed down through generations. They take pride in their work and never take shortcuts. The Amish do not utilize electricity in their workshops or homes, which makes it even more impressive that they can produce such solid pieces of furniture.

Amish craftsmen start by hand selecting each piece of wood that will be used to complete a furniture project. They will only use solid wood and never a wood substitute like particle board or veneers. The most common woods that will be found in their workshops are oak, cherry, hickory and maple. They are extremely particular about the wood that they choose for your furniture. If a piece of wood has too many flaws, it will be rejected. If there are just a few flaws that can be carefully sanded, it will be considered suitable. Careful consideration is given to grain and cracks, as this will determine the overall appearance of the final piece.

Using techniques that the Amish have used for over a hundred years, they join together pieces of wood that create a work of art. Maybe a sturdy drawer that is held together with a dovetail joinery, or a side table that is pieced together like a fine puzzle using the mortise and tenon joint. Either way, you know that you are purchasing an exquisite piece of furniture that is far better than any factor-made counterpart. 

Amish furniture is created to fit into just about any style. The most popular styles are Mission and Shaker styles. They have straight lines, clean design and are functional while being extremely durable. Because Amish furniture is made specifically for each customer, each piece is completely customizable to fit your exact needs. Certain embellishments and carvings can be added to pieces to give it a unique, one-of-a-kind feeling. As there are no two fingerprints that are alike, there are no two pieces of Amish furniture that are exactly the same. Each piece becomes a story that will live on in your family’s history for years to come.

The Amish community takes pride in the workmanship that they produce. It is a craft that is easily recognizable to those that proudly display these pieces in their homes. But these pieces aren’t for show, the Amish-made furniture is very functional, easy to maintain and keep clean, fits any style or decor and will last for many generations. They believe in creating an heirloom piece of furniture that one can proudly say belonged to their grandmother. This is the type of history that the Amish put into every piece of furniture that they create.