Top 5 properties of high-quality wood furniture

Top 5 properties of high-quality wood furniture

Top 5 properties of high-quality wood furniture

When shopping for new furniture for your home, there are so many choices. Do you go the cheaper route, like veneer over particle board, that will only last a few years, or do you look for a quality wood piece that will last generations and still look as good as new? There are many factors to consider when purchasing new furniture for your home. To help you narrow down your search, let’s explore the top five benefits of wood furniture. 


Solid wood furniture is the ideal choice when looking for a piece that will last for years to come. A high-quality, well made piece of wood furniture may cost more initially, but the beauty and longevity of the piece is an incredible value to the customer. Furniture that is made from hardwoods such as maple, oak and ash will have a higher durability factor than those items that are crafted from woods like pine, cedar or fir. No matter what type you choose, wood is the most durable material out there. Through the years, your wood furniture may suffer scratches and blemishes, but because your item is made from wood, these imperfections can be repaired. 


Wood is timeless and fits into any decor. Whatever your style, it can be built in wood. Whether your style is classic, modern or rustic, you will be able to find the perfect piece of furniture that will complete your home. Wood furniture works well with other elements such as metal or upholstery. Wood pieces will add warmth and a natural feel to your design. Whether you are adding a piece that is fifty years old or brand new, wood furniture defies the restraints of time and looks great at any age. 


A major concern when buying furniture is the practicality or useability of the piece. Furniture that is too ornate or intricate can be difficult to care for and maintain for years to come. Taking into account the function of the piece of furniture that you are looking to purchase will help you narrow down the thousands of choices that are available. Looking for options that fit into your lifestyle and design plan will help to complete the look of your home.

Easy Care

Wood furniture is extremely easy to maintain. In most cases, keeping your wood furniture clean is as simple as regular dusting to remove buildup. Spills and sticky messes can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth. Keep in mind some finishes will require slightly different upkeep. Overall, wood furniture will retain its beauty for many years without a lot of upkeep.


Wood furniture never goes out of style. No matter if a piece was manufactured in the early 1900’s or six months ago, wood furniture will fit into any decor or theme. While many styles and pieces are not transferable between generations, wood furniture is accepted with open arms. Bringing nature into the home will bring an element of warmth and coziness that can not be achieved with furniture made from plastic or that has been mass produced. Even if your style or decor changes, wood furniture has the ability to change and grow with you by altering the finish to complement your new design plan. 

Wood furniture is worth the investment. It is durable, practical, beautiful to look at and will complement your style and that of generations to come. Wood furniture makes an impression on everyone that enters your home. Every piece has a story, and now is the time to start telling yours.