Top designs for nursery and children’s rooms

Top designs for nursery and children’s rooms

Top designs for nursery and children’s rooms

The time has finally arrived, you are growing your family. But now you must decide on how to create a nursery, and eventually bedroom, for your new addition. There are so many options to choose from, where do you start?

Luckily, every nursery has a list of standard items that are a must. The crib, a nursery dresser, nursery chair and, of course, storage. We are going to walk you through each of these items and how they can transition from an adorable nursery into a functional children’s room.


The crib is the central and most essential piece when building your nursery. There are so many options to choose from when purchasing a crib. There are two categories of cribs: traditional standard crib and convertible crib. The traditional standard crib is not only a crib, it can typically convert into a toddler bed utilizing the same crib mattress. Convertible cribs are just as their name suggests. They start out as a crib with a crib mattress, but can convert into a traditional bed utilizing a standard twin mattress.

Since the crib is the focal point of the room, safety, quality and durability will be high on your list of priorities for your little one. Be sure to adhere to safety guidelines for the security and safety of your bundle of joy. When looking for a crib that will go with the theme and décor of the room, consider a wooden crib. A wooden crib will fit into almost any décor theme and it offers durability and quality that cannot be achieved in non-wooden cribs. Additionally, if you are planning on having more children, a wooden crib will maintain its beauty so that it can be used for other children as well.

Nursery Dresser

A popular trend is to purchase a large dresser and convert the top into a changing table. You have now achieved the best of both worlds, while saving space in the nursery. The advantage of combining a dresser and changing table into one is that all the essential items that you need while changing your baby are at your fingertips. Everything from diapers, creams, medicine, onesies, and sleepers are all within reach. The use of bins and organizing drawers will help to make diaper changes quick and easy.

As critical as the crib is to the nursery, the nursery dresser is just as important. Again, buying a solid wood piece is an investment into the nursery. Since the purpose of this piece is to place your baby on top of the dresser, you will want to make sure that you are purchasing a solid, quality piece that will protect and keep the baby safe while you are tending to their needs.

Nursery Chair

As important as the crib is to the room, the nursery chair is important to you. This is where you will spend countless hours rocking your baby to sleep, tend to 4am feedings and have a lot of parent-baby bonding time. A rocking chair is the traditional choice, it may not be the most comfortable choice. Remember 4am feedings. You will want to look for a piece that will offer support to your lower back, and have a “rocking” motion that will soothe even the crankiest of babies.

Gliders are an excellent option to consider. The design of a glider will give you a great combination of  upholstered and wood furniture in one great piece that will compliment the crib and dresser that is already in the nursery. In addition, a glider will provide support for your arms as you are cuddling your bundle of joy. A high-quality wooden glider will be durable enough to last through countless feedings and sleepless nights.


Lastly, but definitely the most needed in any nursery or child’s room is storage. You always need more and there is never enough. Unique and unconventional choices are options to make a room more functional. There are under crib storage drawers, shelving units that are built onto the crib and allow for more space in the nursery. When deciding on storage, make sure that it will transition as the baby grows into a toddler and beyond. The shelving that is holding bins of diapers and blankets now, will convert to an ideal place for toys and books later.

Again, your best choice for durability, longevity and sustainability is a quality piece of wood furniture. It will match any decor you choose as well as last a lifetime. Wood furniture is timeless and can be incorporated into any decor or motif. There are so many options to create a loving and safe space for your newborn and small children. From cribs and beds to dressers and chairs, you can complete your nursery and be ready for your special delivery.