What is rustic luxury, elegant, and classic furniture?

What is rustic luxury, elegant, and classic furniture?

Traditional Furniture Styles

Within the realm of traditional furniture, there are a variety of styles and inspirations to choose from. Though all traditional furniture displays commonly notable themes such as warm colors, solid wood craftsmanship, superior materials, and extreme durability, the styles and finishes can vary. Here are a few of the differing traditional furniture styles: 

Rustic Luxury Furniture

One traditional furniture style is called rustic luxury furniture. This furniture has many of the commonly known traditional furniture elements, but also incorporates additional characteristics. This style of furniture creates a design that is both opulent and sophisticated while also displaying a high degree of craftsmanship. 

One of the specific elements that can be found in rustic luxury furniture is the use of high-quality materials. The materials almost always incorporate solid wood, stone, and even metal, but it importantly has a unique finish or look to it. Another element that this style of furniture has is a distressed or aged finish. The goal is to create a piece of furniture that has the durability and sturdiness of traditional furnishings while giving it a look which makes it appear aged or vintage. Additional elements found in rustic luxury furniture are rich colors, elegant hardware, and artisanal details which are used to further emphasize the luxury behind these pieces of furniture. 

Elegant Furniture

Another traditional furniture style is coined as elegant furniture. This style of traditional furniture is fashioned after historical pieces and is made to create a luxurious and sophisticated environment. Some of the elements displayed in this type of furniture are ornate and intricate details. Many times the furniture will be created using solid wood and will have handcrafted carvings or details. The finishings tend to be classic and richly colored with veneers that display the beauty of natural woods such as mahogany or cherry. 

The layout of a room furnished with elegant furniture tends to be very formal in nature, often displaying upholstered items that are tufted or laden with heavy fabrics such as velvet or damask. The hardware tends to be elegant and the varying pieces of furniture often have cabriole legs; S-shaped curved legs. Finally, elegant furniture commonly incorporates rich patterns and varying mediums such as glass or crystal. 

Classic Furniture 

A final traditional furniture style is commonly known as classic furniture. Classic furniture is quite synonymous with elegant furniture drawing on historical inspirations and a timeless, refined look. However, there are additional elements within classic furniture. 

In addition to having the characteristics of elegant furniture, classic furniture also displays a timeless appearance. This means that these pieces of furniture will endure various styles and trends all while continuing to be pertinent and desirable. The overall look in a classically furnished room is usually more simplistic than that found within an elegantly furnished room, yet equally sophisticated. The upholstered items will commonly have calmer, more simplistic patterns in lieu of bold patterns. Finally, classic furniture typically has a variety of finishes that can be both light and dark in nature. 

Though all three of these styles of furniture have their own varying elements, they each contain similar attributes that are aligned with the characteristics typically found in traditional furniture.