What Makes Amish Furniture Unique?

What Makes Amish Furniture Unique?

The traditional methods of Amish furniture makers have been passed down through generations. They take pride in their work and never take shortcuts. The simple lines and solid construction of Amish furniture first took America by storm in the early 1900s. They began making furniture out of the need to outfit their homes. With very little contact with the outside world, they relied on themselves to craft furniture that would last for decades.

Amish furniture is unique because the construction maintains a high level of quality, durability, and sustainability. These are traits that you will not find in mass produced, factory-made furniture. The Amish intend for their pieces to be treasured and used by families for many years to come. These three attributes set Amish made furniture miles apart from their nearest competitor.

Quality – When you examine a piece of Amish made furniture, you quickly begin to see all of the intricate detail and unique joinery techniques, such as mortise & tenon and dovetail, that are used to create strong and sturdy pieces of furniture that will withstand everyday life. These amazingly beautiful pieces of furniture are built with such precision that there is no need for nails, screws and glue. Because these solid wood items are made by artisans and not machines, there is the flexibility to customize your piece to fit your design style. You have the ability to choose finishes, hardware, choice of wood and even select details.

Durability – The biggest advantage to buying Amish is the one-time investment into a piece of furniture that is going to last. Amish furniture is typically on the higher end of the investment scale. But the durability and longevity of your piece is worth every penny. Amish furniture is meant to be lived in. It is the dining room table that you use for meals every day, the rocking chair to rock your children to sleep, and the coffee table that friends gather around for an afternoon chat. And in years to come, it will tell the story of your lives.

Unfortunately, these are not the qualities that you are getting when purchasing a piece that is mass-produced. You are purchasing particle board and veneers. These will mar, scratch, dent, and eventually, fall apart. This will result in having to purchase a replacement piece of furniture. Your Amish furniture will not only be durable in the physical sense, but it is durable in a stylistic sense as well. The simple, straight lines blend into many décor and home styles.

Sustainability – Amish furniture is solid wood that is crafted from land that they have maintained for many generations. The wood used to build your furniture, is the wood that they grow and nurture. When you see a “Made in America” sticker on your piece of furniture, you can believe that it is 100% made in America. From the tree to the craftsmanship, all American made. You can have confidence to know that there was no outsourcing of labor and materials. The Amish culture manufactures their furniture pieces without the use of electricity. While most of the work is completed by using hand tools, they will occasionally use water or air-powered tools. These forms of energy are far more efficient and environmentally friendly.

By choosing Amish furniture for your home, you are opting to incorporate a timeless style that will transcend from generation to generation. Your furniture will take on a life of its own as it tells your story to those who will inherit your priceless treasures.