Why Choose Amish-Made Solid Oak Furniture for Your Home?

Why Choose Amish-Made Solid Oak Furniture for Your Home?

There are many factors to consider when choosing furniture that is Amish-made. The quality, materials, and craftsmanship are undeniable. But the durability of an Amish-made solid oak piece of furniture is the most outstanding feature of them all. The Amish take such care and attention to every little detail of each piece of furniture that is produced that, when finished, it is a work of art. 

Amish-made furniture has a classic and timeless style that will go with just about any decor. It is built to last and will transcend generations. Consumers that choose to incorporate Amish-made furniture into their home will discover that the durability of the pieces are far superior to their factory-made counterparts. Because they are made from high quality woods, the longevity of these furniture pieces will last for many years. These pieces are meant to be passed from generation to generation. They are treasured pieces that will tell the story of your family, while showcasing the beauty and detail of each individually produced piece. 

Although the most popular, Amish-made furniture is more than just rocking chairs. Their beautifully crafted beds, side tables and sofas will add style and elegance to any home. Amish-made kitchen cabinets bring a warmth and beauty that mass produced cabinetry can not match. The styling and durability is an investment into your home. And the best part is that wood is a sustainable source in furniture production. 

The Amish have a rich tradition of sustainability. As a community, they are very environmentally conscious and strive to protect the planet. One way that they are earth-friendly is that when trees are harvested for furniture they plant a new tree in its place. The Amish are very conscientious about deforestation and only harvest the wood that is needed to construct the piece of furniture. This prevents wide swaths of trees being removed from the forests and causing erosion of the forest floor. The Amish believe in protecting the planet that we all call home. 

Another reason to choose Amish-made furniture is the factory-made pieces that are mass produced uses composites, plastics and wood residuals that are not sustainable or decomposable. The price point may be the attractive and driving force behind the decision to purchase a factory-made piece of furniture. But this decision will result in discarded pieces and having to repurchase the same or slightly different piece for what is needed in the home. This becomes a frustration to consumers and many times will lead to the decision to purchase handcrafted furniture that will last and is easier to maintain for families.  

By bringing Amish-made furniture into your home, you are not just buying a piece of furniture, you are investing in a community of people that are rich in history, tradition and skill. The Amish are a people with a deep heritage from a time long ago. Melding that history into the modern age will help to continue to tell their story and those of your family.