Wood Furniture and the modern design

Wood Furniture and the modern design

Wood Furniture and the modern design

Dark rich tones, intricate grain patterns, big and overbearing pieces. These are not the descriptors of modern furniture. But somehow this melds perfectly into a home that is a modern design. Wood furniture has long been seen as traditional décor style. We are changing the rules and showing you how to utilize wood furniture from different styles, eras and colors to create a uniquely modern look that is classic and timeless.

Let’s take a look at how solid wood furniture can upgrade your décor can launch your home into a sleek modern style.

Vintage and old wooden furniture

Chances are you have received a piece of furniture that has been handed down to you from either a parent, grandparent or other extended family. And in most cases, these pieces are made from heavy oak and mahogany, which are more of a traditional style of furniture. Don’t fret and worry if it will clash with your existing furniture. Instead, think outside the box and find a new creative way to decorate with old or vintage pieces. A dresser can be a TV console or a beverage station, a bedside table will work perfectly as an entry table in the foyer.

The beauty of wood furniture is that they don’t all have to match. Each piece furniture is as unique as the tree that it was cut from. Mixing different styles such as contemporary and modern, with a dash of traditional will create your own modern style that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Wood tones and Natural elements

Modern style will try and dictate that all your furniture should be light and airy, clean lines and sleek design. But utilizing dark tones to compliment lighter furniture will add dimension and depth to your room. And just because your style is modern doesn’t mean you can’t still use bold pieces of furniture to make a statement. A large bookshelf or reimagining a traditional sideboard will have anyone that enters your home talking about the beautiful design you created.

Incorporating natural elements into a room will change the appearance of dark, heavy furniture. Natural light from large windows, reflecting mirrors and accents, such as vases and potted plants, create a relaxing atmosphere that will lighten any room and bring the beauty of nature indoors.

Accents and painted woods

An eclectic way to bring furniture into a modern style is by mixing pieces that have finishes with pieces that are painted. Maybe you inherited an entire bedroom set, but not all the pieces will fit into your room. Choose the piece that stands out the most and incorporate other pieces that will accentuate your style. Then repurpose the remaining pieces by either painting or hand unwanted pieces down to someone else. Mixing dark woods and painted pieces with metal finishes will create your own modern style.   

Express your style by decorating your home with wood furniture and colorful accents. The use of table lamps, vases, planters, wall hangings will cheer up any dark and dreary room. Taking an old piece of furniture and applying a new, fresh coat of paint will put new life into an otherwise useless piece of furniture.

There are so many options when it comes to decorating your home with wood furniture. The beauty of the wood and the craftsmanship proves that these pieces will last for many years to come. Taking a piece of furniture and using it in whatever capacity strikes you is what defines your modern style.